Week #4

This week seemed to go by so quickly!!  I worked with a partner for the online presentation project.  We had a good time exploring the different sites for the digital storytelling assignment.  It was nice to look together at the different programs then really choose which one we both liked the best and wanted to learn more about.  We first started with the Haiku Deck program, but once we were in the program for about 30 minutes, the whole website just shut down and they were having problems with it.  Then, we went to the Prezi site.  That program worked well and we thought it seemed a little easier to understand, so it was kind of nice that the Haiku Deck stopped working for us.  The Prezi slide show is really fun to us and easy for me to figure out when I have a partner to help me not be afraid to explore the program.

Our partner and I have done a story about apples.  We are excited about this presentation because we will be able to use it for our preschool class in the fall.  Being employed in Franklin, PA, there is always a need to make Applefest a BIG deal in October; so we are taking advantage of this class and others to prepare for some upcoming events for our next year of preschool.  Once we watch this and do many different apple activities, we will then process to make applesauce or apple cider with the children.  They always seems to enjoy the cooking activities we do with them in class.  Here is our digital storytelling presentation that we will be using for our children in the fall.


Hope you enjoy the presentation, I know that my children in class are going to love it!!



One comment

  1. I’m so glad to hear that you worked with a partner, that’s awesome! I look forward to viewing your Prezi! Glad Haiku Deck led you to Prezi! Did you work together on the Prezi online at the same time? It’s pretty darn cool!! ~John


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