Week #3

This week has been about group work with peers.  It has been a very long time since I have had to complete a project where the members of my group are peers I don’t know personally.  This is a challenge for me because I am VERY shy and don’t like to make myself too vunerable.  Being online, has helped with my anxiety because communicating back and forth through email or the Remind app has helped make things easier for me as a quiet person.  Most of my friends and family would beg to differ, but I continue to tell them that I know them!  I am comfortable with them and am willing to communicate and act the way I want to in front of them, because I know they will accept me for me.

If this post, I am sharing information that explains the benefits of group work.  (Even though I don’t always want to do it, it is beneficial.)  Here are some sites I feel are helpful to help understand group work and the skills to make it successful.



Here is another website shows you some good skills for group work.


Even though we are online and working in groups, it is still beneficial to us to work together as a team.

Image result for group work with peers







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