New Beginning

I will be known as the “senior citizen” of this class.  I grew up with not many opportunities to use a computer.  I have taught myself many different programs, with the help of great friends and family, but I didn’t receive much help from school.  The was in the “between years” of not having a computer versus having a computer and knowing everything.  This class has been an eye opener for me to say the least! (And we are only in the first week of it!)

This week as been a bit overwhelming, but with the “tech savvy” friends and classmates, I know I will be able to get through this!  I have learned about the Invisible Web, creating a blog, and exploring various kid freely websites.  I am very excited about the websites and searching through new sites to learn and use different materials for my classroom.  I want to be able to use more than Pinterest, although I love the site, everyone uses it.  I like to do different activities each year, and this site has a lot of the same activities.  I am excited to learn new places to find information.

It will be a blessing to have a Personal Learning Network where everything can be stored and organized so find information easier.  Having various sites in one area will help with time management, as a teacher.

Check out the website:

WOW!! Is all I can say!  Such an easy site to get accurate information about the Personal Learning Network.  You will come to find out the I LOVE EASY!!  This site was perfect for me!

In addition to the site, this video was informative and easy to understand.

Another good site to look through:

I hope that these sites and video helps you to understand a PLN better.  It did for me!



  1. Great blog post, Casi. I’m so happy to read that you feel you’ve already found some good resources. Having a PLN is not a new thing, just better defined with all the Internet resources. Be sure to keep exploring, there’s always cool new stuff. 🙂


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